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Special Retouching


Do a little more with your images - remove things, add things, declutter, clean-up, or fix up.


A little or a lot, a special retouch can make life easier, and make the marketing of your property more effective!













Add some finishing touches to the new kitchen.

In this image you can see the main problem was an extra bar fridge in the kitchen. We could not easily move that, so we had it digitally removed. While we were at it, we cleared several other small items too.

Get the cyber cleaner in to show the true potential of a space!

Some things really can't be moved - like a car when you can't find the owner, but who wants a car shown in front of their house for sale?

Finish the job that didn't get completed before the photo shoot (in this case, painting the door).

Present an investment property to its best potential by ensuring they are shown as clean and tidy.

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