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Refresher Deals!!

Make a vacant property shine, or refesh an older listing with these specials!


Vacant Properties 

A vacant property can look uninviting to potential buyers, so help make them shine with a package of 6 professional photos, and we will furnish the main living area digitally!


"Vacant VF special"

6 Photos

1 x Virtual Furnishing


($235 value)



Existing Listing Refreshers

Do you have any older listings that need some action?

Refresh your marketing to attract new buyers ASAP!



"Refresher 6" 

6 new photos on a second visit


($175 value)



"Furnish 2" 

2 exisiting images from vacant property Virtually Furnished


($120 value)



"Refresh & VF"

4 new photos on a second visit

2 images Virtually Furnished


($230 value)



Special deals available from 8th July till the 31st August 2015. 

Only 1 special per property, otherwise no limit to the number of special deals - use these deals as many times as you'd like within the timeframe.


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